Who else has BPD and how do you manage the severe symptoms

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • Amayaraaain


    I manage my symptoms with therapy and a combo of lexapro, abilify & lamotrigine. Of course the combo of meds is different for everyone. These seem to really help me though. I also have a loving, supportive boyfriend to help me through my episodes. Btw If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message me:)

  • HADES.7


    I do a lot of drawing and art and I've noticed that it's a great coping skill for me because I get to use my hands and it connects to me in a different way because I'm more in focused with it so I just tend to usually do things that make me really focus on that one thing in it usually tends to help I also tried to rest a lot of times when mine gets really bad I just need to lay down and be a little more mindful sounds like typical therapy stuff but it does help me

  • T02


    Depends what you mean by severe symptoms Anger: be as open in your communication as humanly possible. Explain to people whats going on. Apologise, even if it feels redundant. And try to spot your patterns BEFORE they happen, like if certain words clang wrong in ur chest maybe mention it, ask ppl to use a different one if possible etc. Ive also found that finding something that brings up a different emotion than anger usually helps break out of a rage episode, like seeing an overwhelmingly positive thing happen or seeing your friend sad from getting snapped at (not the best but it does the trick :,)) Sadness: reach out, vent it all out, write down how you feel and then treat yourself to a nice snack, take a break, sleep abit more etc. Other than that im still struggling myself.. if youve got smth that works better lmk lol Fear/panic: treat yourself like a kid. Picture your kid self, and then just like.. picture yourself now hugging them yk. Like literally just "shhhhh its okay, its all over its done, youre okay, i got you" and once youve calmed down abit treat yourself to a little smth youve been wanting for a while, like ice cream or random stuff like that Not much but i hope it helps

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