So.. I have drank alcohol is so many years due to chronic migraine. Does alcohol trigger your migraines too? Who here still drinks alcohol even on treatment or preventative medications?

Chronic Migraine


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  • Y0g1


    I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since my chronic migraines and TBI/PCS became known to me- it’s funny I drank more before I turned 21 than I have since- and it’s not like I even drank often before turning 21- it’s just my brain stuff all happened and I became aware of it before I turned 21 and have done everything to prevent migraines especially and overall not doing things that may hurt my head or make my head worse (like I rarely drink caffeine, I don’t do drugs, I take my prescribed meds, I wear my glasses with blue light whatever and wear sunnies and a ball cap whenever I’m outside). I am at this point too scared to try any alcohol for fear of it mixing poorly with my meds or giving me a huge migraine…

  • Migraineblues


    *I haven’t drank alcohol in so many years (sorry it’s a typo)

  • LadyBlkny


    I regretfully do. Alcohol is not a trigger for me, though I do have to watch out for its dehydrating effects. I sometimes have a glass of wine with my meds to help me fall asleep at night so I can try to sleep the pain off. I know it isn't smart, but it can be a last resort.

    • Corgibutts


      Not smart but I've done it too when I'm desperate for relief.

  • Meggy2327


    Yeah I drink sometimes if my medicine isn't working and it helps I just don't ever drink in excess only one-three drinks and then I'll try and get some sleep

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