Okay y’all so I’ve had over like 8 or something concussions resulting in me having a TBI and PCS and as y’all know the more concussions you get the more likely/the easier it is to get a concussion. Two days ago I went to play out back with my dog and completely fell and jostled my head. I have noticed my vision has been impacted by this and I struggle to lol at my phone/write/read with both eyes open- I have been having to close one eye to be able to perform any of the above things… thoughts on this? Do I need to go see a specialist again? Or do I just let it be and hope it goes back to normal?

Intracranial Injury

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  • NickGobes75


    Specialist. For sure. I’d go see neurology and optometry just in case. You don’t want to mess with concussions/vision! Sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve had several TBI’s and each one was miserable.

  • OuchiePrincess


    Best to get it checked, just to be sure.

  • myreptileskeepmesane


    I recommend when you get checked, have them photo your retinas. My TBI resulted in a retinal tear.

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