Haha i hate myself


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  • archerinnit


    Have you drank water or eaten? I have a thing that I live by and it always seems to help - if you hate everyone, you need to eat. If you feel like people hate you, you need to sleep. If you hate yourself, take a shower. It works wonders !!!! Hope you feel better soon !!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • InSearchOfFocus


    Hey friend, hang in there. At least you’re still able to laugh :) (albeit at not the best topic but hey it’s still humor). ^^ @Archerrinnit beat me to it. Make sure you’re still treating yourself like you’d treat a friend. You can’t fight the battle if you’re not giving yourself what you need to. I believe in you my friend and reach out if you need someone to listen

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