anyone have any advice for telling friends about the system?
i have two friends i wanna tell, one i’m not totally sure how he’d respond but i think he’d be nice about it.
but the other already has opinions about systems, and kindaaaa thinks introject heavy systems (which we are) are faking so with that friend im not really sure what to do :///
but any advice, specific or vague, helps!

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    This may sound counterintuitive but if you've got a bad gut feeling about telling somebody/or are getting red flags then trust that instinct. I had a good friend a while ago I thought I could trust but when I told them I had DID they turned on me and started to harass me online and split up our friend group because she thought all systems were faking it. That's an experience I wouldn't wish on anybody else and if you're not sure about telling someone then don't feel like you have to. I would also advise to stay away from people who call others fakes anyway, because that can be extremely harmful behaviour, regardless if someone is actually faking or not.

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