Hey y’all! I got diagnosed with PCOS and ADHD-c earlier this year. I have been on Adderall (titrated up to 20mg XR) but have some side effects like being unable to pick up social cues on it, irritability, general depersonalization, and am trying to find a better option that can still help me without a crash and losing my personality, while being able to be productive. Anyone have better luck with other options?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • DoctorStrangeS1mp


    Concerta. I cannot take adderall for similar reasons. Concerta for me comes with its own set of side effects but I find them more manageable

  • Fuggbeez


    Well, as someone with severe Anxiety along with my ADD, I learned this cool trick that kinda helps me when I’m feeling stressed out. It’s like Auto-Pavlov-ing. A method where you squeeze your thumb really hard and think about all the things causing you immediate stress and anxiety, say your irritation of situation or even how something is going wrong in your life. Anything. After about 10 seconds, release, and start immediately thinking about things that bring you joy. A hobby, an accomplishment. A pet. A meal- Anything. And you’ll have an immediate dopamine/serotonin response from your brain, as is reward chemicals and happy chemicals. It helps me alot.

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