Yesterday i had another moment where i lashed out at my partner for not spending enough time with me. I have been feeling very upset lately whenever i see them texting friends and planning stuff with them and i end up yelling at them and crying. I let everything out yesterday. My fears , insecurities, and frustrations. It was a mess but today i feel more calm . I just wanna be a better partner to them but i also wanna fix myself.. and do better for myself. I definitely need to go back to therapy..

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  • brutalprincess


    I feel bad for my boyfriend sometimes I get so frustrated and anxious I lash out. But I’m working on it and it’s gotten somewhat better. Reassuring and communicating with your partner is a really big part of it. No one is perfect it’s okay to seek help. I too should start seeing a therapist soon I still have so much more to fix and improve on. Sometimes I really don’t like myself for the way I react, when something just triggers that fuel. Just gotta take it day by day and forgive yourself when you mess up and try again

  • sunflower7


    You may need to focus on yourself first, relationships can be really hard when you're still working to figure yourself out. I definitely recommend getting back into therapy, that's always good. If you feel like you're about to lash out you could try telling the person you feel like you're going to and you need to take a minute, give yourself a bit to process before responding and try and format your response in a way that isn't yelling. I would suggest having a talk with your friends and partner about it, let them know that you don't intend to do that and that you're working on getting help to try and fix it, you could ask them to help remind you to take a minute to think if you start yelling or anything and see if that helps at all

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