am i the only one who has only has terrible experiences with psychiatrists? ive done alright with therapists and even the psychologists that diagnosed me with autism/adhd/ptsd but for some reason the actual people in charge of My Medication and therefore Half Of My Recovery just never seem to understand me/what im saying! and none of them have felt comfortable medicating me for my ADHD when i have been diagnosed with it!! sick of being told i just need to “try harder”! I guess this isnt really a question but im wondering if things are this messed up everywhere or if ive just had bad luck with psychiatrists??

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I’ve only dealt with one psychiatrist so far but they were really dismissive and uninterested in my struggles. Said I didn’t really have any problems, I just wanted attention so I didn’t deserve help. I would say you’re not alone!

  • Jadie


    Oh boy I have only met bad psychiatrists. It is so frustrating to keep meeting them because i am sure there are great ones out there. One kept talking over me so I couldnt even speak he wanted to ‘guess’ my symptoms it seems. Like he couldnt handle a self aware person. And the same one hyperdosed me on addictive drugs after a test told him not to give me them. These doctors are shitty sometimes and I hope if you are able to find a new doctor you end up with someone who does their job right. I am sorry for everyone who deals with this shit it is too common to have any excuse. You need help, not ableism.

  • cryptic


    i have yet to meet a good one. i gave up years ago but 4 different psychiatrists told my mom they "couldn't help me anymore". they would send me on to the next and after 4 i just gave up. its really hard. one of them would raise the medication dosage every time i would ask him to lower it, resulting in multiple heart diseases. i was also called "lazy" and told to try harder, even though i was putting in all i could.

  • Ceecee11_13


    I had a really good one once but she pissed me off so that was ruined and then the last one I had told me that I should get over myself because my condition is not going to change or go away ever and that I need to stop acting like I’m crazy cuz I’m not. It got me so mad like in that case why tf did I come here for? meanwhile he’s sitting there in slippers sweatpants and tshirt.. and this was a “legit” place. They get me so mad like Watever you’re a doctor blah blah I guess but they assholes about it..

  • smiley.rainbows


    Ya it’s messed up everywhere

  • Medwyn


    I had a great psychiatrist but he’s moving now :(. I spent a long time researching and seeing reviews. That’s the best I can say though

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