can ptsd cause tics? frequently my body will randomly jolt and I can’t tell if there’s a connection between the two. sometimes it happens before, during, or after my flashbacks.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • vron


    Idk for sure but this does happen with my ptsd !

  • BimboCookies


    I also have moments where it feels like nerves are misfiring and I'll jolt - I sum it up to nerve damage from stress

  • DaylongMiseryy


    I get jolts for various reasons, and I think some certainly tie into my PTSD. Especially if/when I've been reminded of said topic or certain triggers. It can be hard to deal with, sometimes my tics are painful or difficult for others to understand.

  • Ribbit


    Ptsd can cause stress. Stress can cause ticks.

  • unicorn


    Yes. My mom and I both have PTSD. I don't experience many ticks, but when my mom is really triggered, she will shake and jerk. It also happens in her sleep.

  • ballsack_coke_rack


    yes, knew a girl

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