Has anyone gotten the Kyleena IUD for their heavy periods? I’m highly considering it.


Generalized pain

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  • SJP


    I got Mireena, the stronger one. Mine was displaced in the first month, had to be removed, and broke inside me.

  • Akashiva


    I had the Skyla a few years back and just got the Kyleena IUD. I had a good experience with IUDs in general, and my period has completely stopped (which can happen in some people while the period is just lighter in other people).

  • AZblue


    I've had the Mirena for a few yrs now without issues it all depends but your best bet is talking to an OB/GYN about what would be the best fit for you because the 1 I had thought about getting would actually make things worse for me but with that I was able to bring up something else and that got treated as well so my recommendation is talk to a professional 1st about what would best suit you before just jumping in because some of them can make bleeding worse

  • CountryGirl37


    I had an IUD before and it was painful to me and my husband. I would not consider it again. It starting slipping out before it was time to remove it very early.

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