I’m struggling right now to see a point in recovery. I’ve been struggling for awhile and can’t seem to find a point in living and the end result from this disease is death. I’m not doing well with it right now I can say. How did you guys find a point? What things have helped? I’ve had tubes and hospitals, I want to stop that cycle but it’s so hard. Send me any tips and helpful things please.

Anorexia Nervosa

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  • Tinkerbell


    I definitely understand what you are talking about. The way to recovery is tough. It's easier for me to appreciate small successes along the way. Every meal that I can finish or each pound I have gained is an important point in my way that I am happy to achieve.

  • CherryBunny


    Well, for me I found a point in the people around me. Mostly my husband. Like if I couldn’t find it in me to do it for me then I could do it for him. Because he matters more to me than I do - if that makes sense? Also being at my rock bottom - I’ve had AN for nearly 12 years - really scared me. I realized I could lose everything; my mobility, my loved ones, my creativity, and eventually my life. Plus, it physically felt like shit. Mentally I was turned off, which was the good part, but physically existing hurt. It hurt to breathe and stand and sleep and sit. Ugh, it’s such shit. So, I recommend trying to find something outside yourself to push you through when you don’t feel worth it for yourself. And look into treatment at a place you feel aligns with your values (that made a big difference for me). Also, get off social media. Instagram especially - it just feeds the ED. I wish you the best. Stay strong

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