y’all ever have days where you’re splitting so bad you feel like you hate genuinely everybody? literally all my friends are getting on my nerves and i’m finding myself being jealous over stupid stuff. i feel insufferable on days like this, i just wanna be happy so this intense negativity stops clouding my mind. y’all have anything that helps you during scary times like these?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • A.S.H


    Hopefully this isn’t too specific and offers some help or a new perspective. One major tip I received when I first realized I had BPD was to stop and think whenever you have a negative thought. Then ask yourself what you’re upset about, even if it’s as simple as “they haven’t responded in hours” or “they are not giving me as much attention as someone else”. From there, you ask yourself why is it important that someone does or doesn’t do something for you, or why does them having their own life/friends/etc make you unhappy. I usually end up with similar answers like “I feel like I need praise/attention in order to feel cared for and loved” or “I feel like I’m not accomplishing as much as I could be.” Then I try to dig deeper: “why do I need praise/attention/success to feel loved/worthy (self worth)?” At this point you can probably see that this thought process is the result of trauma, having someone important to us make us feel like we aren’t loved/worthy unless we look or act a certain way. After this realization, I try to change my automatic thoughts. When I hear a negative thought, I tell myself “My brain is scared of something” then I offer it an alternative thought, a more positive one that gives the other person the benefit of the doubt. When I’m having negative thoughts about someone or a situation, I really try to make the solution about myself, not the person I’m upset with. I try to figure out what parts of me are being driven by the BPD instead of my rational, secure self, and changing how I perceive intrusive, negative thoughts. It’s a hard process for sure, especially with the presence of intense emotional and physical feelings; but once you start calling out your scared brain and giving it a more rational thought, it’ll stop speaking as much, and your rational brain will begin to speak more. Splitting is just your reaction to the thoughts. Changing your perspective and thoughts will change your reaction, even if it’s not an immediate result

    • csk


      Thank you so much for this ❤️

  • Pridefrog


    Im kind of new to all the BPD stuff and I havnt had a diagnosis to be able to get professional tips but I do understand this feeling and I'm so sorry if you ever need anything you may chat with me and Ill get back to you asap

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