a lot of the time i feel content with the idea of dying, like acceptance of death mixed with an undertone of su!c!de. during these times im not actively wanting to commit, but i find comfort in the idea of death. does anybody else relate to this ?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • zbear_


    i don’t want to pass away, but i don’t want to continue living. i feel almost like i’m just floating through the days

  • mayy


    yes it’s like even when i’m in a good (good for me anyways) mental state i’m always in my head like “yeah well i can die rn whatever idc” like not wanting to do it myself but just completely okay with the fact that it could happen

    • loosely_k


      yes this is EXACTLY how i feel

  • teelay


    for me, it's like a way out. like, "if things go bad, i can always commit S."

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