Do you drive? I got diagnosed after I starting driving and have continued to do so. I am very careful. I know to get a ride if I’m excessively sleepy or didn’t get good sleep the night before, I know to pull over if I suddenly get excessively sleepy, I avoid major roads and long drives, and I listen to music to have one more thing for my mind to focus on. Am I tempting fate? Everyone seems to think so, but I have never came close to a sleep attack behind the wheel. To be honest, I really don’t want to give up this important aspect of my independence. If you do drive, do you have any tips on staying safe and awake?

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy


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  • Sleepycna


    I also go diagnosed right after I started driving and have been doing so since, although I’ve never really had a sleep attack. I also take modafinil and I make sure to take that before I drive anywhere. I don’t drive if I’m super tired. Before I was prescribed modafinil I would sing to music/listen to a comedy podcast, while chewing ice and drinking a coffee/energy drink. It seems like a lot but chewing the ice definitely helped because of the cold feeling and having something to constantly keep my focus

  • Nikolas


    I don't but it's for a different reason. I have epilepsy and the state I live in owns the rights to my license.

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