What do you for for period cramps?
(Aside taking vitamins and drinking lots of water)


Paracetamol, Combinations Excl. Psycholeptics


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Cyclothymic disorder

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  • Quari


    For me the best thing was birth control pills. But if I ever forgot the pill I would lay on the floor of my shower and have hot water splash on my belly where my uterus was. Discovered this by accident and it gives such relief. Sometimes an ab workout surprisingly helps too.

    • Katharina


      doc told me my bc potentially stopped working for me. I really wanted to try going off it and use FLO but depending on how this months goes I may have to ask for higher dosage

  • Weds


    Midol, heating pads caffeine (I personally feel it helps with pain). If midol isn’t helping I use BC powder (aspirin with caffeine). When it really hurts I lay on my stomach and it helps me a little too

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