do any other young chronically ill people feel like their health issues are completely ignored/brushed off by older people you know? like they care but say things like “you don’t know tired until you hit 50” or “don’t get old you’ll have back pain” or whatever, even though realistically what you’re dealing with is probably a lot worse

Osteoarthritis (OA)

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  • beingnotseeming


    Yup. I’ve gone low/no contact as a result

  • DanaCakes


    My mom is like this. I don't talk to her anymore and that has helped me a lot mentally.

  • ProfessionalLog


    Yep! I have severe early onset arthritis and everyday hurts. If I say my back or knees hurt around older people, they’ll give me crap about it. Like yeah, I can still run and jump and do other young people stuff, but it HURTS 🙄

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