Hi I started to drink again and now I have a really bad flare up, but I’m in college and want to keep drinking.. any advice ?

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  • Cottoncandyaly


    I found that anything fizzy is harder on my stomach like beer, seltzers, and soda mixes. Also any mixed drinks with fruit juice (vodka cran, painkillers, ect.) screw with me. So try drinking less acidic drinks, my go to is always green tea shots/mixed drink. Good luck!

  • Anxiousunicorn13


    I can’t really handle hard alcohol anymore, but tequila and vodka seem to be the best when I can. I go for lighter colored alcohol generally. Beer makes me sick every time sadly. I found that mixers (^like above comment) often make me bloated or sick, so shots on an full stomach worked well for me at one point when avoiding mixers. Hard cider and white wine are also safe options for me usually. Wine usually gives me less of a hangover or stomach upset. At the end of the day, I personally advise not to drink during a flare because for me that makes it so much worse. It totally depends person to person though, and I understand the want to drink in college because i did the same thing. When I am not flaring, the tips above save my ass from too many painful experiences. I know lots of people who can still drink (myself included) so it’s a matter of knowing your body and learning what works for you! Best of luck ☺️

  • Messenger


    Stop drinking alcohol period. Now if you weren’t flaring up then the only alcohols you should be drinking are light beers and wines that are easy on the stomach. Avoid ALL hard liquors.

  • Mothernature



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