Anyone have any tips on how to calm your anxiety? Lately I can’t sleep because I’m so terrified of random scenarios like my friends and family dying or me getting sick with cancer and I just can’t calm myself. Any advice is appreciated :)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • tacobaco


    Try to find an activity like drawing or coloring or reading or video games that can bring your focus away from those kind of thoughts and just do that for a bit before bed. You could also try headspace dream casts that use breathing and meditation techniques to help you sleep and it tells you a small story as well. You can also try CBD or Delta 8 to help, or even just normal THC. I will say though, don't get like super toasted because for me that can actually make my anxiety a bit worse if I over do it. Just do enough to calm you down some.

  • zenflower


    i have this same probably. i think that’s why i have sleep issues now. sometimes i have to take sleeping pills or some sort of cvs so i’m too tired to even think of those scenarios. i’ll also leave the tv on so it’s some sort of other noise to distract me. i’m still trying to find a remedy too but i hope it gets better for u!

  • SuzySuzy


    I have the same. My family and most friends really don't understand. Most family members say "just shake it off". I am married and have adult children. They don't understand either. They don't live with me and don't really care to spend much time with me. My husband isn't very supportive most of the time and gets irritated pretty easily. I have a 12 yr old Border collie and chickens that bring me the most comfort.

  • Beach_Gal


    I am goin to have gallbladder surgery March 7th, and I have been extremely anxious ! Not sleeping well and I think I may not wake up after surgery ! I’m 71 and in fair condition but I’m so afraid ??? Any help would be much appreciated 😢🙏🏼

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