My actual question has to do with how to me physical therapy sustainable for my life. Before I ask it, though, I’ll give some background info. I’m in the process of being yes assessed by a rheumatologist, so my diagnosis is a little up in the air. She’s still waiting to get my x-rays and blood work back, but her process is that I might have an auto immune disorder.

This is where things stand at the moment, though:
- I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my PCP in December.
- I have a really long list of ongoing symptoms. The ones that cause me the most difficulty in life are my chronic muscle and joint pain, brain fog, intense body aches, and severe ongoing fatigue.
In the past year, I have started physical therapy three times. I try so hard to maintain going, but I inevitably struggle more and more as time passes. Even without physical therapy, I usually have 2 to 6 medical appointments a week. I am working my hardest to do 30 hours of work a week, but I’m having trouble getting beyond 15 to 20 hours. Finally, I am prone to injuries that make it even harder to work, like de Quervain‘s tenosynovitis. I frequently have had days that I have physical therapy scheduled and I want to go, but my body feels like it’s about to give out on me/I am about to pass out. Most of the time, The reason I have canceled PT appointments in the past is because my body and brain are absolutely exhausted, and something has to give. Once I’ve canceled two or more appointments, it’s harder and harder to get myself to stick with Pt because I am ashamed of all of this. I also struggle with certain memory factors, including keeping up with appointments.(I do my best to immediately put them in my phone calendar.)

I’m interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts and advice. I want to start physical therapy again, but I will honestly probably feel worse about myself if I start it and can’t maintain it once again. Thanks for reading ✨

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  • darklyfeathered


    Following this, I’ve been thinking about it recently. I’ve done PT twice before both times for ~2 months. Doing it for TMJ was so exhausting, all the way across town w/ traffic and it messed with my sleep schedule as it was before noon. Trying to get in with a rheumatologist, I don’t have so many appointments at the moment but it is One More Thing. I’m also only working 32 hours a week at best, but on days like yesterday I even had to call out & have a same-day telehealth—all for seasonal allergies. The tiniest bump made my knee joint swell, much more painful to walk for weeks & had to think hard about getting a accessible parking pass. Bipolar, panic attacks, and migraines on top of all that… I’m just surprised I can do anything at all

    • SilentShadow


      Bless your heart! I have lived with panic attacks for years. Without the bipolar and migraines to go with panic attacks, they are bad enough alone. I had debilitating panic attacks once and lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. People don't understand them unless they have them.

    • catdad22


      I relate to so much of this. It’s exhausting and leaves you with so little in yourself left to do things.

  • HattieMae


    You Need to go & get your Disability Check!! You Qualify I got Mine They will deny you 3-4x I guess to Weedout all the Fakers & then SSI will send you to their own Drs. For Tests

  • HattieMae


    I miss Working I Isra LOVE to work!! But I can’t with All of this PAIN & MEDS!!😔

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