Does anyone else deal with feeling ok then suddenly tired and sick for no reason?? I’m struggling to have any kind of life

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  • giraffey


    Yep. It makes me so confused. I searched online for possible causes, and they were like chronic fatigue syndrome and post exertional malaise. It’s so hard for me to track, so I wouldn’t know how a doc would diagnose. After big/long days or even shopping around for a few hours makes me really tired the next day. You’re not lazy at all. I understand you

    • KevinC23


      I have the same issue chronic fatigue malaise I get tired and weak I walk and my body feels numb all over I get iv done for hydrating my body but I still feel weak it just started like 5 days ago and it’s still here I hope it goes away soon. :(

  • Lunarr


    I've been really struggling with this lately, too... Sometimes I wake up and know it's going to be a bad symptom day but it's the worst when the day starts out well and at some point in the afternoon I get flushed, dizzy, and fatigued among other things and then can't function until the next day. I don't understand why my body is fine some days and barely functional the next, I don't vary my daily routine that much if at all. Every doctor I've seen is like "yeah that's normal for your condition (dysautonomia) but also not really, you're an anomaly" so like idk what to do with that but it's hard to function in day to day life bc it's unpredictable and debilitating I would love to give some advice but I haven't figured it out myself aside from stop while you're ahead. If you start feeling kinda gross, stop what you're doing immediately and don't try to push through or you'll make your condition much worse. This has saved me a few times and has lessened self indued flares from overworking to a few hours vs a few days, but - like I said above - sometimes I feel like garbage for seemingly no reason and I don't know what to do about it other than take it easy, which society and work/school make very difficult 😄

  • Abender


    I would suggest making an appointment with an endocrinologist and having your hormones tested. Especially your thyroid. Many doctors skip this, so you have to be assertive with them about having them checked. They may also just look on the surface and test for TSH but have them test your T3 T4 and reverse T3. General Practitioners tend to write off patients as anxiety or depression when there is an underlying condition causing these symptoms, then leading a patient to suffer unnecessarily for months when these conditions are easily treatable. Look into it.

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