How can you handle ADD without medication?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Katty


    The best way I’ve found is to listen to your brain and learn how to work with it. Can’t do work right now? Okay take a break so I’m not as tired later. Can’t do THIS assignment….well is there a different one I can do? Hmmm I focus English really well at 11pm, I’ll do it then, ect. It helps prevent burn out and actually do work. Everyone’s brain’s a little different, but that helps some.

  • SunFish


    I heard that diet, exercise, and taking the right vitamins really help

  • Lucille001


    I haven't been on medication for a long time (no insurance to even try to see a doctor), but what's helped me is a support group, i.e my mom, boyfriend, closest friends. I know I function by talking and visualizing whatever I'm going on about, and having a loved one there to hear me and make points with me helps me through a lot of challenging times!

  • ___


    I personally take medication, but my friend who has ADHD and doesn’t take meds says that exercising in the morning before getting ready for the day really helps her!

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