Is it normal with schizoaffective disorder to get delusions/hallucinations but be aware that the thinking is not correct and then battle with my own mind because I don't want to think like this? I tend to get strange, politically charged delusions that tend to get really intense. In my mind I think I am correct in my thinking but I still try to stop the thoughts from happening. After (and even sometimes during) the episode, I know that it was delusional thinking, but I still think that way. I also have "creatures" that I talk to who I consider my friends, and I logically know that they aren't there because nobody else sees or hears them, but it feels real to me.


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  • BaileyFawn


    i know the feeling, battling your thoughts and feelings... i used to have friends, that weren't real... their names were Rachel and April, Rachel, being the chaotic positive and, April, the chaotic evil... whatever, Rachel, said would happen, happenes... April, well... i never really got to expirament with her, test what makes her tick or move... they were also, what some would say, creatures... i, being my nature, called them anthropomorphic... one would also call them furries... anyway, I'm trying to say, i understand... yes, it is normal to have delusions with schizoaffective...

  • Radios


    Yeah, I get it. Dealing with schizoaffective disorders can be difficult. I have been aware that my hallucinations and delusions are real for a long time and it feels extremely weird to actively battle them during or after the episode. I don't know if it's normal since I don't really know anyone else with it but I do know you're not alone in this.

  • cheogo


    I can also say I've had similar experience with fully believing a thought to be fact while also recognizing it's delusional and fighting it. It takes a lot of energy!

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