I’ve had my B12 and Vitamin D deficiency’s for a few years now but it doesn’t seem to be getting better even though i take my prescribed medication. I still have severe bruises, get cold easily and struggle with being fatigued. Is there anyone who’s the same?

Vitamin D Deficiency

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  • Nuclearsnot


    I can't speak for the B12 deficiency but I feel the same way with my vitamin D deficiency. It's gotten a bit better but I'm still fatigued more often than not. My doctor prescribed me a supplement that has both vitamin D and K2 in it, he said something along the lines of the K2 helping to absorb the vitamin D I think, so maybe you can try that? I don't know what your dose is but if you're very deficient you may not have one high enough. My doctor tried to reduce my dose and I found it difficult not to fall asleep in the middle of the day which was a massive step back

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