I’ve been battling depression for a years. It was left untreated during my childhood. My parents didn’t believe depression was a really thing. Turns out I have PTSD when I did seek help. Every Monday - Wednesday I feel anchored to my bed. I do not leave my room except to use the restroom. I don’t really eat until my fiancé comes back home. I don’t feel safe anywhere. I’m always on edge. He is the only one who can get me out of the house. I also have a routine and if things go differently I freak out. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar to this?


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  • Magpi


    Yes, I'm also Autistic so the routine is a big deal for me and how I cope with things. I did have to identify what parts of my routine were more harmful than helpful with a therapist and that helped me sort out the rest of my mental health things. It's slow going but it's going.

    • A.Zuni


      I totally understand that. I’m still having trouble coping with things. I came up with a routine with a therapist I used to have when I didn’t follow it I would fall into a depressive state and snap at everyone. I’m trying to look for another therapist but no luck. Both my fiancé and I think I should be tested for autism too. He works with high functioning adults and sees similar traits. Autism runs in my family both my sister and niece has it. So I think that’s my next step.

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