What part of EDS bothers you the most? And how do you deal with it?

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Ashbot


    Dislocations. I have less since I started yoga but there’s nothing quite like walking and having a kneecap dislocate. I have to stretch and reorient bones a lot.

  • jazzie_Jami


    i have ed’s but the one that i hate is the ed’s skin and eyes . also periodontal ed’s . when I was about 38 I had gorgeous teeth all of them beautiful white healthy I had some paradigm issues so we’re like I get bad brother they get irritated by my gums but and I went to the dentist that you’re I need to my tooth all my teeth were loose so to make a long story short they didn’t know why because they didn’t know I had EDS at the time and they just said my teeth are falling out and I said oh no so I got dentures because I couldn’t imagine going without teeth well now I’m 50 and I’ve lost almost my whole bottom gum so I can barely wear my bottom dentures and my teeth are important to me and I’m very insecure because I also struggles of mental health issues so how I look on the outside of my mask everything so I got it together and this tea thing is making me very upset

  • Kat_A


    It being too complex for most drs to know what to do with

  • Berta


    I too have the gum teeth thing. And I sublux a lot

  • Berta


    And my hip pops in and out when I walk and sit it hurts

  • AraS


    All the comorbidites

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