What do you do when 1 migraine just won’t go away.

Chronic Migraine

Generalized pain

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  • Supersister


    Do you have triptans? If those don’t work, your doctor can give you a shot. I’m so sorry. It’s the worst!

  • Spanketti


    😥😥😥 praying it will go away ASAP!

  • lupejkis


    Hot bath, ice occipital region after. Be careful with making rooms dark...once you have to return to light; it can trigger the migraine all over again. Hope you feel better.

  • wise


    Learn to live with it tbh. I've had a migraine since I was 15. The same one, not daily recurrent migraines. I just learned how to function around it and to just accept that it's gonna flare up REALLY bad sometimes. Ironically enough, accepting the migraine as part of my day to day life helped with the pain a bit

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