I feel like I might be wording this wrong but does anyone know if stress can cause a rash on your neck? Because I am getting a rash on the back of my neck my mom says it might be because I’m not washing my hair properly but I’ve never experienced it before so now I’m overthinking about it 😅

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  • lilly109876


    I don’t know much about this but I remember hearing on a video that if you stress out too much you can actually get itchy. Keep in mind this was an entertainment video though and the person brought up something they heard about

  • Shelbsz


    For some reason, I’m starting to get a rash on the back of my neck but it’s not itchy and I’m not sure if it’s stress I don’t feel that stressed :( (I apologize if I worded anything wrong, I get very anxious that I word something wrong 🥺💕)

  • goobieboobie


    Stress can most definitely do that

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