How do you explain OCD to other people that only recognize the stereotypes ?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • epycturtle104


    I don’t lol

  • Emmy1997


    I would explain that it is more than just hand washing etc. For me, it can be little things with crazy violent intrusive thoughts that intrude upon me if I don't do my regular thing/routine whatever

  • Doglover04_


    I would say impulsive or intrusive thoughts that disrupt your way of living. This could be anything from washing your hands over and over again or fearing that if you don’t check the door something bad will happen. It all depends for each person!

  • fartboy


    i usually just talk abt the thoughts that trigger it!

  • DollyLeeQuacks


    I usually just explain that the ocd is a comforting and soothing behavior to keep me feeling protected. Helping a person understand my emotional response helps them realize it's not just me wanting to be neat

  • doodle0118


    it really bothers me when people use it wrongly omg

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