Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with MS last year at the age of 21 and it has been very hard to adjust to but i’m getting better with adapting every day. Any advice with how to not get frustrated with the symptoms? I often get discouraged and question why me.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Natascha


    Hey Kasey, it's very understandable to feel that way I'm currently dealing with it too. I was diagnosed last year right after I graduated high school and it wasn't even a month after I turned 18

    • Kasey_Elizabeth


      wow! I often wonder what would have happened if I was diagnosed that young. I commend everyone who gets diagnosed at a young age because we definitely have a harder time doing things people our age can do.

      • Natascha


        yea I was in shock cuz when I learned it in school I referred to it as old ppl disease cuz that's where the majority of ppl are and even now I'm still in the journey of acceptance and treatment

  • Tee_O


    Hello guys .. I am Todd New here and I was diagnosed 2019 I just turned 38 January

  • Oscar_F


    Hey! I’m 21 right now and i got diagnosed at 16/17. Feel free to DM with any questions or concerns i can help you on with my past experience and current !

  • MaSa


    I was also diagnosed last year right on the border of my 24th birthday. I definitely understand the frustration. I've always been a dancer/gymnastics girl but now that's out the window. If you don't already have a pet, I personally recommend one. My cat helps to keep me sane

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