It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this, but I self-medicate with alcohol. A drink or two before bed helps me fall asleep and limits the severity of my symptoms when I’m trying to sleep. I wouldn’t say I need it to sleep, but it definitely helps on the bad nights. I don’t want to become substance dependent, so are there any other low-energy ways to manage symptoms at night?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Fwd1982


    Yes smoke weed

  • lovemeli


    I used to have to be pre buzzed to go out to places like concerts,or Night clubs or events with large crowds of people. i just slowly stopped and when I did I realized I missed alot of things I could have seen, so I look at it now as I'm not here for the people, they don't know me so I can can care less about them I am here for the entertainment or whatever I am paying the money to be there for

  • Jix


    I don't sleep most nights and I don't drink, because I am afraid that if something happens I have alcohol in my blood. I never know how to relax

  • layayaya


    There are lots of things you can try! I usually feel super wound up and jittery because of bedtime anxiety so I actually find that doing a not very intense workout to release my anxious energy helps me feel sleepier. Eat a snack that has natural melatonin in it like cherries. Do some really nice light stretches with deep breaths. Sit down with a journal and write out your thoughts to clear up your head. If you feel like your body is restless when trying to sleep, start taking magnesium supplements daily that will calm you overall and probably help with sleep. One huge recommendation I have that I really like falling asleep to is sleep meditation podcasts they have been super helpful for me! Or even a sound machine or sound app like the app “Calm” to play rain sounds or whatever noise you find most relaxing. I promise I’ve been there too and tried literally all of these, even when you’re exhausted trying to get to sleep with anxiety is tough!

  • Blue_Star


    I think that Valerian tincture/liquid extract can work really well at bedtime to relax and help me fall asleep.

  • Pom.mom


    This is going to sound stupid and I NEVER in a million years would have thought it would work. But the app Loona has done wonders for me. I don’t have to take any bedtime medications when I use it, it’s magic 😂 Its basically a guided coloring book on your phone that helps relax your mind. You can’t have other notifications coming in or other people in the room distracting you when you use it though or it doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to

  • Gen.Organa


    Lavender scent can help and tea, chamomile and others can often help with anxiety and to promote relaxation.

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