what is the likelihood of having a pulmonary embolism again? my first one was at age 18. will it happen again?

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  • jdubz


    that’s a tough question to answer. it depends on a lot of factors. were you ever tested for clotting disorders? and do your docs have any idea what caused it? for instance, with me, my hematologist believes it happened either because of my birth control or because of the covid vaccine, but there are other factors to consider too. long term NSAID use, my weight, i had a surgical procedure on my knee about a month prior and then was fairly immobile due to the end of the semester nearing and having to sit at my desk for long hours to do schoolwork. i’ve been tested for 4 out of the 8 clotting disorders so far, which were all negative, but i have to wait about another 2 months until i come off the eliquis to test for the remaining 4.

  • erine1992


    Agreed, it depends on your scenario. Knowing why it happened is helpful. If you are on blood thinner and are taking it how you are prescribed, and there aren’t other risk factors, I personally wouldn’t worry.

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