I was told in 2015 that I shouldn’t work in my condition and I haven’t worked since. However I’m getting glimmers of hope that I might’ve found a path back to being active again… (new team of doctors). Anyone else have to drastically change their career and how do you figure it out?
I keep trying self help but they keep asking what do you love , what did you like as a child and all of my answers I cannot do so it’s like starting all over… :/

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Mommaspoondani


    I had to change my career path to the administrative side of mental health/education after years of schooling, degrees and experience in hands on education and behaviorally therapy. It has done wonders to have the ability to be mobile when I can and need to but has a stationary baseline for work has been so helpful- allows my brain to work even when my body doesn’t! I feel your pain, had to take medical leave from my dream job after 2 years. My whole life changed, and I felt defeated but now I work another dream job- in the same field but more administrative side with direct in-field work at much smaller intervals of time! I am able to work full time again without flares! There is hope!! It’s all an adjustment period. You got this!

    • Mommaspoondani


      Behavioral, having*

    • Jazzie1


      Thank you! I’m struggling because I have major brain fog and was in the administrative side of things when I needed to step back; I was in HR. Corporate is just way to demanding and then add the brian fog I just honestly don’t know how to pivot. If it was just energy I could figure it out, but brain fog is so hard to control and contend with.

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