The doctor kept increasing my metoprolol overth past year from 50 to 150 MG. my symptoms worsened Andy health was declining. I experienced constant difficulty breathing and hypertension. my partial right Bundes branch block was causing more palpitations pvc and pac. anyone else have issues with metoprolol and have a rbbb or lung issues?



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  • Wondercell


    That is a really high dose of Metoprolol. I'm on 25 mg a day. Didn't help much at 1st but then my body accepted it & improved about 6 mos later. Too much can give u really bad symptoms.

  • Shad


    The natural cure for high blood pressure is the combination of Potassium and Magnesium when the Salt/Sodium, Cholesterol and blood sugar is high in our bodies. Usually what can cause High Blood Pressure physically is high Salt/Sodium, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar and mentally is Stress/Depression. We hear from doctors that our Potassium is high, well the potassium help lower the high blood pressure naturally also with the help of Magnesium. We just need to add the food that has them in it into our bodies example: natural coconut water, any green veggies Celery, Spinach, Kale, cucumber, lime or lemon, ginger, half of green apple make it into a powerful juice and drink it twice a day of a 250 ml cup. If you ate to much Salty food well now you need to balance it with potassium and magnesium so your blood pressure wouldn't get out of control.

    • 55isMe


      I recommend caution. Dont start playing with your electrolyte levels until you know what they currently are. My high blood pressure started with LOW potassium level. Low enough that i ended up in the ER 3 times in 2 months. Blood pressure up to 180. My sodium level was and still is LOW. And my calcium was and remains high. Im on 150mg metoprolol and 25mg spironolactone. The spironolactone helps keep the potassium up. But i can tell you, it is easy for it to get too high too. Only 2% of your potassium is in your blood. Even taking potassium prescription level supplements is a drop in the bucket. Get medical help for electrolyte imbalances. The body automatically transfers electrolytes to help be the vest it can be. Problems happen along the way. There are so many interactions. For me, i hate metoprolol, but it + spironolactone have kept me out of the ER. Diet, nor supplements (even prescription strength) didnt do it.

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