just had a panic attack bc my bf wanted to mess with me and didnt realize it would trigger an attack.
he said "Dont move" & poked my ear as a joke.
and i went into panic mode, like thinking there was a bug or spider on me or something.
im ok now, but it was sudden and mentally rough, and now im exhausted.
i dont have anyone i feel comfortable talking to about my issues.

Panic Disorder

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  • depressedunicorn


    It's not easy feeling lonely reach out! Feel free to pm me

  • Pem


    My partner recently sent me into a panic attack with an off comment that happened to strike several deep triggers. He found me crying in the floor and we talked about it. If you don't feel safe talking about it to him, I am here. You're going through a lot and if you need an ear I can lend one

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