Hi, so I have tinnitus all the time in my ears (pretty annoying if you ask me), and I was wondering what all could help. I use an assisted hearing device at school but I'm looking into getting hearing aids. I've had this for a year and a half and I've tried music and white noise, nothing worked. Any and all suggestions are helpful!


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  • Natalion


    I use a special ear plug called Calm by Flare Audio. It is like a hearing aid. It is a small plastic piece that fits comfortably in the ear. It dampens the louder noises. My tinnitis has not bothers me since I started using it but I don't know if it is a sure fix. There are a few reviews of it on YouTube relating to tinnitis

    • Bugs28


      i tried something similar but the plug only made the tinnitus more noticeable, so idk what to do now, i need to tell a doctor that its been going on for months but idk how to bring it up

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