I've lost weight I thought I was close to 400ish pounds but I'm in the 260s. Some days I feel like I really have lost weight others I'm struggling badly, mentally telling myself I'm still about 400lbs. It's actually to where I'm believing I'm stuck. I wanna be in the 190s at my max. I don't know what to do. My toddler keeps wanting me to do my weighted hoop she calls it "mommy spinning" but I can't keep the hoop going so I'm more depressed when it comes to the hoop. Mentally lost... plz help

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  • whimsyberry


    The hoop sounds really challenging! Is there some easier and more fun exercise you can do with your daughter? Maybe belly dancing or Zumba? Take it easy on your self, small steps, make fitness fun first.

  • rosyjewl


    I have been thinking about trying an infinity hoop. Not sure it would be any easier, but my biggest problem with a hula hoop is not being able to keep it from falling down. But with the infinity hoop, it stays right up against your waist. Have you tried one/ heard of them?

    • RainbowMommy18


      I have an infinity hoop. I can't keep it going, staying on me isn't the problem

  • mysoulismelting


    Honestly that makes sense. The hoop connects you to a time where you were very unhappy with yourself and it's seems like it's time to try something new. If you can afford a treadmill or stationary bike I find their easy to use in the background of everyday life (like with a stationary bike you can fold laundry while cycling) if you can't afford it or like don't have the time for a gym membership either, maybe go on walks with you toddler or get something to track your step and give yourself step goals sticking to just one method of anything is bound to become more detrimental than its actually helping you.

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