Does anyone else get outbreaks in odd places? My mom knew it was HSV when I told her because my brother gets HSV eczema but my doctor said it was “almost hand foot and mouth disease”
And I practically had to beg for Aclovir. So I wasn’t formally dx but mom knew and when the med cleared it up I guess the doc knew but my nose has been breaking out since 2015 inside and at the base, my mouth breaks out in ulcers on my tounge and gums and lips, my hands break out and feet, and sometimes butt and legs will blister. It’s gotten worse in recent years and I’m getting tested for HIV soon just wondering if other people get more than cold sores


Herpes Simplex

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  • Poddledogmom


    I had my first HSV1 flare almost 3 years ago. And it was inside my nose! It didn’t make sense at all. I was on Xeljanz for my RA at the time. My new rheumatologist took me off it. And I have not had a flare since. Crossing my fingers. But prior to my RA diagnosis and getting medication for it, my gums would swell up randomly, very painful. I was able to get valcylcovir. And it helps me. So does the valcyclovir cream to apply to the area inside my nose. Last time my gums started to flare up I did an experiment and used the oral valcyclovir. It shortened the duration of my gums flaring.🤷🏼‍♀️

  • EleanorRigby


    I had herpes flares on my lips and inside my nostrils.

  • Melmusic


    So far my out break have Been in the same spot genitalia area but when I got the hsv2 it was in the inner of my mouth lips omg.. I used over the counter meds when that happened and drank milk. It went away but now I want meds so that I don’t pass it or get more outbreaks

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