Does anyone else have issues with numbness/tingling, random nerve shocks, or limbs falling asleep randomly? Also with very little pressure applied for long periods of time, such as laying in bed on my side, my arm falls asleep. Thinking it’s fibro related because well, nerves, and I’m not currently diagnosed with anything else that would cause these things.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I get this all the time! It’s so annoying and uncomfortable

  • Emperor_Kai


    Omg yes I 100% do I’ll wake up with my arm completely numb it’s so freaky.

  • saltybutsweet_22


    All the time😥👍

  • salmontree


    I've gotten this crazy painful tingling and sensitivity on random patches of skin at random times for years. Now that I have a fibro dx I definitely suspect it's related, especially with more research suggesting it's a neurological condition.

  • Murphinminny


    I deal with this and have also been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and herniated disks. You’re not alone

  • Greeneyes


    Yes happens all the time to me

  • Mystical03


    The nerve shocks, stinging and pricking into my skin, and my limbs going numb or tingling are all huge issues for me. Plus I itch all over my skin all the time. No matter what I do. My skin also has these little red bumps, or mole growths that are brown and are very dry and some can actually be scratched off. It’s very strange. No one has seen them yet bc my insurance won’t pay for a good dermatologist where I live. 😢😢😢😢

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