I’m asymptomatic Anemia- I suffer from Anemia- low iron, low hemoglobin- shortness of breathe- does anyone else suffer from this?




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  • LilithMo0n


    I developed this problem after I put in the work to lower my cholesterol. Traded one issue for another essentially.

  • Pisces2022


    Yes they just told me I had high cholesterol & now I’m taking Atorvastatin to try to lower cholesterol. I suffered from Heavy Menstrual and then lead to Anemia- I Feel like when I lay down my heart starts to beat irregular and shortness of breathe- gynecologist said once we regulate the bleeding- it’ll help with Anemia and prescribed me 3 times oral iron pills/ I had a blood transfusion February 22 and they discharged me from hospital. I’m just wondering does anyone else suffer from the irregular heart beats? Going to see a cardiologist this Wednesday and going to schedule appt with Hematologist tomorrow- I really need answers.. I’m a very active person and with these irregular heartbeats and shortness of breathe- quality of life has turned upside down. I’ve had 4 EKG done and all normal.. pls help anyone…

  • theway


    Yes. Every time I get blood test it should low on everything.

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