does your brain injury affect by knowing the words you want to say and not being able to say them cuz you can't get them out right

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  • Bud315


    I was that way, but have recently found it was a side effect of medication. I changed to a new seizure medication (many many to choose from) and I seem to communicate better now.

  • chestina


    Thanks for answering back. Im on the same meds I know lots o f changes sine the tbi .

  • Sedo


    Sometimes I find it difficult to advocate for myself when I'm upset. I do better with typing than I do talking at times which I noticed came after my TBI

  • Rosyshamrock88


    I have trouble with words sometimes, especially if I’m upset, or having a very bad day. It’s like my brain is over loaded so easily.

  • ShihTzuMommy


    Yes! That’s called Aphasia! I have been diagnosed with it after my TBI! ❤️ ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ ❤️

  • OuchiePrincess


    It affects my ability to do math 😅 also I stutter if I’m really upset, and it’s worse if I’m trying to do math and getting upset about it

  • Amanda721


    This is Aphasia ❤️

  • blankitten


    this 10000% a problem for me too.. even in the simplest sense. like if someone asked me “what time is it?” i could say easily “it’s 9:20”. but if they said “how was your day?” that’s just like such an open ended question and it’s so sickening to say “fine” or “good” but i always resort to that because it’s just too fucking hard to dive in and try to pick out WORDS

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