Anyone ever have extreme issues with noises? I cannot stand the sound of people even chewing without feeling like I’m going insane. I have to have headphones on most of the time. Any tips?



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  • XSunflowerX


    Im the same way,i usually use breathing techniques to help me or listen to music.

  • Xzla


    Yep!!! My therapist is going to start doing exposure therapy with me to help.

    • Anxietyoctopus


      what kinds?

  • Sali


    I use EarPeace noise suppressing earplugs. They come with different filters that block different levels of noise, and I use them a lot when I'm out and about, overstimulated, or have a migraine

    • darkstarrynight


      please tell me more about this.

      • Sali


        For sure! I got mine of of Amazon, they were about $35-$40, but they have all sorts of different types. The filters block out a range of noise, the science of which I don't really understand, but it's really cool. That, and they come with a little case that you can clip on to a key chain so you don't lose them. I guess most people use them for concerts or big crowds, but I've found mine to be helpful when I go anywhere with a lot of complex sounds, e.g. grocery stores, malls. Sorry for the delayed response, I forget to check sometimes 😅

  • Katharina


    Yesssss i just figured it sensory processing sensitivity…. Loop ear buds

  • lobster3710


    Hi, me and one of my friends have similar issues. We did some research and it sounded like misophonia... may be different for you obviously. This type of thing can link to a couple different "issues"

  • Bre19


    I literally can't stand the sound of people chewing at all it makes me feel very stressed and annoyed I try to eat at the same time as the person or listen to music

  • SaraLeo


    It could be overstimulation or misophonia; A strong reaction to specific sounds. It may cause a reaction to sounds such as dripping water, chewing, snapping gum or repetitive noises, such as pencil tapping. I suggest listening to music, meditating, removing yourself from the area, or asking the person to stop

  • TJisTired


    Yes I deal with it all the time and have done my whole life. My mother has misophonia as well and we believe its due to sensory processing issues. I usually cope by watching something whilst near people eating or playing music when that's not possible. You could always ask people to eat with their mouth closed but many won't. These usually work pretty well but if not just walk away to save your sanity.

  • MooMin


    with chewing noises headphone obvs help, but as you have mentioned that if chewing starts to annoy me i tend to do my breathing exercises and then just try spot random things in the room? like a game i suppose it distracts away from it in a way. hope this helps

  • Kadair


    Same here, I can't stand chewing noises either! I will think of a song I like and play it in my head when around people who are making these noises that are strangers. If it is family or friends I tell them to please quit.

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