Anyone else feel like their 20s isn't what they had hoped/dreamed? I mean, I'm barely 22 (turning 23 soon) but I have to be honest, being 22 has been the absolute worst and probably will be the worst year of my 20s.


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  • Skylarkbard


    There's way too much emphasis put on one's twenties--they're overrated imo. Unless you're very lucky, you spend the whole decade trying to figure life out/not starve. Just turned 30 this year, and even though life is still kinda sucky, I'm way more at home in my own skin and I've been able to take steps to take care of myself way better in the past few years than I did previously. I know it can be hard, but it's not because of any failing on your part ❤️

  • SheepySheepp


    I've been told several times that your 20's are alright but your 30's is where you really shine and be a young adult who now knows what's what. I've struggled with this too (just turned 25) and my counselor said how she loves being in her 30's, WAYY more than her 20's. I try to keep that in mind, and that it isn't a race to the finish line with FOMO's everywhere. I hope this helped at least a little bit ❤️

  • Amityzoe


    And some people are just different from others. The people who say the 20s are the best are just the ones who had great 20s and rotten 30s. For all you know your best time of life could be your 70s. It's not worth worrying about which decade of your life will be your best. They'll all have some ups and some downs.

  • SourLemons


    21 here, turning 22 soon. the past couple of years have been the most difficult and testing for my mental health, but i'm trying to keep telling myself that i still have the grand majority of adulthood left. i'm hoping that the next few years are better and that things eventually might look up even if they get worse first.

  • Rahja


    Definitely. I'm 20yrs old and still haven't managed to finish getting my high school diploma, move out, learn to drive/get a vehicle, and didn't get to experience any of the stuff most teens/young adults do with their peers. I actually don't feel very connected to my peer group tbh. All my friends are online and older than me and I connect more with them who have more years of living, than I do those my age. Crazy. I guess it has to do my my maturity, wisdom, and empathy I developed from experiencing bad experience after bad experience. Most of which isn't stuff many would be concerned with until later within their lives or until something tragic has taken place to them.

  • Cowboy_frog


    Things r very temporary in that phase of life it’s rough honestly

  • Eren2273


    I didn't have any hope for my life past mid teens so it's exactly what I expected it to be really :/

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