Do you ever feel misunderstood. Like no one gets how much this affects you and it feels downplayed. I'm not saying to throw me a pity party but it just feels so lonely :(

Chronic interstitial cystitis


Generalized pain

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  • Lelabel


    Hey sj_ash! You're definitely not alone, dealing with IC is so hard especially because most people don't understand and even if they do, you deal with the pain by yourself. Sending lots of positivity your way and I hope knowing you aren't alone in feeling this way helps a little bit 💜

  • Sleepysleeps


    Sometimes going pee hurts so bad that I wanna scream but it’s so normal for me that I rarely bring it up. I’ve learned a lot of people don’t really care unless they’re going through it as well. It is so isolating.

  • Preschool_Teacher


    Everyday. My family doesn’t get it .

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