Other than medication, are there any other treatments that might help me?


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  • lunae


    For me prescription medications made things worse. I hear a lot that a gluten free and antiflammatory diet is helpful.

  • Merg


    I’m definitely looking for the same, no medication I have tired has helped reduce my symptoms or flares.

  • Pizzaizlyfe


    I’ve been gluten free for a few months! Haven’t seen any improvement. But I also can’t seem to kick a sugar addiction that I have….which probably isn’t helping things. I just feel like I’ve been symptomatic all my life even when my blood work shows that I’m “fine” on my current dose of levothyroxine.

  • Therapy.Kat


    Following this because I also want answers to this question!

  • dee1028


    I’ve been able to decrease my meds and my antibodies through lifestyle changes and supplements! I eat pretty much a paleo diet. I had managed to heal my gut which I think was huge but recently had a set back so back to eating healthy and eating gut healing foods!

  • SassySagittarius


    Dee1028 how did you heal your gut?

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