i've been sleeping from 12am to 12pm recently and decided I wanna move my sleep schedule back so I sleep from 10.30pm or I got myself up earlier today. Absolute mistake the fatigue is overwhelming and my brain is so foggy 😅 how does anyone with chronic fatigue get up before midday??


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  • AnimalBoy


    I have to do it super slowly and usually I cant unless I aim to go to bed later and later. Usually the first night I start this process I go to bed after I stay up two or three hours later than I would usually, it's pretty much as much as I can handle though. Then i try to stay in bed and go back to sleep as long as possible when i first wake up so it cycles slowly.

    • Finleaf


      ooh okay so like moving the times later instead of earlier until you get to your desired time to sleep?? That does sound more achievable, I appreciate you sharing your experience!

      • AnimalBoy


        exactly! I hope it helps

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