Anyone else been taken advantage of while manic? It scares me to be manic around untrusted people after being groomed as a kid. I now have a boyfriend who understands and respects that I feel I cannot consent to sex (unless it is a long term agreed upon thing as my episodes are very short) or any big life changes. I can be aware of all the red flags in a person or situation but it goes out the window once manic. I feel very alone over all of this and Im just trying to heal now that I have meds and can.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Skeeter


    Well I am bipolar 1 and I became manic and I went to a car dealership and started making payments on a new car. I didn’t need a new car. I don’t have the money for a new car. so now I have to pay $300 a month and I only make 800 a month.

  • SapleMyrup


    Yes I feel like whenever I am manic, i put myself in situations where I am taken advantage of. A majority of my trauma happened while I was manic. Makes me feel overwhelmingly guilty all the time so I just stay alone all the time because I can’t trust myself around others.

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