Last summer i visited my mom to help her through a surgery and i had a seizure while i was there (unknown causes). Tonight she was saying no one cared about her and i used that as an example to show I do care about her otherwise why would i help her. And she said "yeah you helped a lot by having convulsions on my floor" and then said "let's see who has a heart attack first you or me". I know she's just angry and taking it out on me, but it still hurts that she's so willing to stoop that low

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  • Jasper.Noel


    I remember one night my parents were getting on to me for something or another when I had a seizure, also from unknown causes, and my father said I was doing it for sympathy from them. My head has started ticking to the right and I couldn't understand why which terrified me. He then told me that "only people with Tourette syndrome can tic not with epilepsy" It has never left my mind.

  • mel43


    My mom did that alot when she didn't get her way she would kick me out or it was before I was 18 she would tell my dad to deal with me and send me to live there till she was done being mad sometimes someone don't know how to tell some they feel alone or afraid so they yell or say things that r hurtful because that is what there parents showed to do because at one time u was never to show weakness

  • Ena_Silvoc


    My best friend had a bad depressive episode a few months back and said no one ever cared even after I was on my way driving an hour to her place at midnight. I got there and told her it's ok if you feel like I don't care right now but I'm here. Sometimes I feel it's best to acknowledge that it's ok to feel that way sometimes but to still let them know that you're there and that you'll always be there when they really need it. Just let her go through the motions. Words are just words when someone is inconsolable. But actions.. being there even if it's just sitting in silence together says more than words ever could.

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