i just feel like my brain is not equips to live in this society. i’m petrified to start my new job that i had to get because my anxiety caused me to have to quit the last one. when i don’t have to worry about going to work i am almost a completely different person. not because i don’t like to work hard, just because i mentally can’t handle it. which is obviously childish, embarrassing and an impossible life to sustain; which worries me even more because how in the world am i going to make it in this life? i just am not mentally made for this and i don’t know how that will ever change or what i am every going to do.

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  • Crispybuffalo145


    It is not childish at all, I have been out on leave for a month now because I feel the same exact way as you. Anxiety is no fun and it takes over everything. it’s something a lot of people assume is not as bad as it actually can be . Have you thought out taking to a therapist if you don’t have one? Maybe reaching out to your doctor about possibly getting on some medication of course only if you are comfortable with that. I’m sorry your going through this, I know it sucks.

    • tori22


      aww im so sorry to hear you are experiencing the same kind of thing:/ ita so hard to function with anxiety. I am on venlaflaxine daily and also xanax for as needed but i feel like nothing is working. i still have panic attacks the night before and the day of every time i have to go in. i don’t know what next steps there are to take and i’m so tired of people telling me i need to make money to survive. like i know i’m trying so hard i wish more than anyone that it wasn’t so hard for me to function :( thank you so much for commenting and letting me know i’m not alone, it makes everything feel a little less lonely❤️

      • Crispybuffalo145


        I’m so sorry your medication isn’t helping, I know that’s hard. I think your next step is to really focus on you mental health, maybe wait on a job until you are 100%. If you ever want to talk I’m just a chat away! I can share some coping mechanisms with you.

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