hey guys i was diagnosed with anxiety at a young age and severe major depression a couple years ago after my parents finally agreed that i needed help and let me get on medications. i am 19 now. but i can’t help but think if i am diagnosed correctly. i have seen little improvement with my medications which are wellbutrin 300 and zoloft 40 plus adderall for combined type ADHD. i have been on wellbutrin since i first got diagnosed but i seem to switch my SSRI every other time i go for a mental health check up. nothing seems to work. has anyone noticed this and then gotten a second opinion about their diagnosis. counseling only helps me so much and it is hard for me to open up to people who are close to me until i break because to them i always seem happy, fun, and outgoing but inside i just hate my life and don’t want to be here anymore. i fight my suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and depressive episodes daily. i have looked into BPD and was wondering if anyone else was diagnosed with this after being diagnosed with severe major depression and seeing little to no improvement, until they got “correctly diagnosed”. i know BPD is misdiagnosed a lot and is hard to diagnose i was just curious if anyone has or is going through the same thing i am. i’m just exhausted and i’m having trouble seeing a psychiatrist but my doctor wants me to there just aren’t that many available to see me. i’m just getting tired of fighting and trying new things that just don’t work and i get so discouraged because i want to be better but it never happens. thank you…


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  • Louise197


    First no matter what keep going. Keep pushing the issue until one of these doctors listens. Have you tried teledoc? There is also gene sight testing that is supposed be able to diagnose better. You've got so much life ahead of you. I get it. I got diagnosed at 17 after I tried to overdose. I'm 38 now with a huge family. But I still struggle from time to time. But every morning I push myself I get up and I keep going. I know going through different meds to find the right one can be super frustrating, but keep speaking up! You know yourself more then the doctors do, so keep telling them.

  • cabb


    I 2nd the genesight test. It helped me get on the right meds. Also look into the dare app or book. It helps understand your anxiety, face it & not fear it with some guided meditation & breathing excersises that can help too. You must keep advocating for yourself. I had a dr tell me if you first start an ssri & either feel crappy in the first few day or really great in the first few weeks, it's likely a misdiagnosed bpd & you need different meds.

  • lily234


    I don't know if I can be of much help here but as I was reading this it was actually kinda scary how we're in such similar places. I really feel for you and hope things get better soon ❤️

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