I was prescribed Klonopin to help with anxiety. What kind of side effects (good & bad) does Klonopin cause? I want to know what to expect because, I plan to be safe, but benzodiazepines don’t have the best rep.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • mar


    Klonopin has been my lifesaver. I was having daily panic attacks and severely agoraphobic, the only way I didn't sleep for a week straight because of panic attacks until klonopin came into the picture. Now I'm on lexapro and I'm able to start weaning off of it and really only using it when things are 10/10 bad. My only real side effects were being tired when I've taken it, but even then not too much. I only take .5 mg at a time and I have no problem functioning and doing my job and being a person. Also yes, you can get addicted to it but I will say in the past I was taking it every day (1 mg daily) for 2 years straight and decided to wean myself off (this was a while back) and the only real side effect I had withdrawal wise was I was straight up STUPID for about a month. Like my brain would not work, then everything was OK. All in all, when they're necessary, I think they can be life saving.

  • Cbab


    I don’t have any side effects from mine and I’m on 3mg a day which is a semi high dose. It helps me level out and get to a place of calm more rational thinking. It can make a lot of people sleepy but I’ve never experienced that

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